Film, Art and Exile 
Welcome Saturday December 2 to the symposium Film, Art and Exile by Noncitizen, at Kamraterna, Östgötagatan 2. It is a day of films, talks, and many guests. The doors open for a small lunch at 12:00. There will also be a dinner at 18:00. Check out the program below for more details! And please RSVP for the dinner to secure a place:

Welcome also to a mingle Friday December 1, with drinks and snacks, at Story, Kocksgatan 31.

Saturday 2nd December. FREE ADMISSION.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1 - AW MINGLE. 18:00 - 21:00
Join us for drinks, snacks at Story, Kocksgatan 31.
at Kamraterna, Östgötagatan 2


Welcome, help yourself to a sandwich and a coffee before taking a seat.

12:30 OPENING SPEECH: Pouran Djampour

Pouran Djampour is a PhD at Malmö Högskola's institute for social work and a migration's right activist. She will talk about her research on unaccompanied children's experiences of migration and resistance to border controls in Sweden.

13.00 PANEL TALK: Ta makten över bilden - Testimonies from the demonstrations against deportation.

The Ung i Sverige-demonstrations against deportations have created a before unseen context and community for young people risking deportation. Social media is also a vital part of the demonstrations. How can one protect one’s actions from being distorted? And how does one preserve the integrity the work of the movement as it goes viral?

Fatemeh Khavari, Ung i Sverige
Benjamin Fayzi, Ensamkommandes Förbund
Haroon Natan, filmmaker & activist
Representatives from Sittstrejken i Göteborg

14.00 FILM SCREENING: A Drowning Man (15 min) Mahdi Fleifel.

Alone and far from home, The Kid makes his way through a strange city looking for the means to get through his day. Surrounded by predators he is forced to make compromises merely to survive, his life of exile grows one day longer.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Three Stolen Cameras (7min)

Presented by Mohammed Mayara from Equipe Media.
The members of video activist group, Equipe Media, fight to keep their cameras. They use them to document the Moroccan kingdom's violations of human rights in Africa’s last colony – Western Sahara. Unique footage from an area where the Moroccan authorities have managed to implement a near total media blockade.

15.00 PANEL TALK: Today’s Images in the Future - Digital Archives in the age of Virtual Memory.

Noncitizen invites The Syrian Archive to a talk about preserving digital war images as evidence to enable accountability efforts in the future. We discuss the importance of archives, the methodology, ethical challenges, and the threats of attacks and removal from the Internet.
Noncitizen is also launching Noncitizen Archive, a project aiming to collect images from situations of noncitizenship.

Representatives from Syrian Archive & Noncitizen Archive

16.00 WORK IN PROGRESS: Here and not here - Syria from a distance.

Filmmakers Yasser Kassab and Rima Al-Hamedd have created personal accounts of fleeing the war in Syria to Sweden. Their work deals with nostalgia and loss. The underlying themes of their works will be the topic of the panel discussion to follow.

16.45 FILM SCREENING: Brev Till Sverige (8 min)

Presented by director Salad Hilowle.
A portrait of a mother and daughter - one living in Sweden and the other in Somalia - who correspond by letter to one another.

17.00 PANEL TALK: Film and Exile.

Whether its war, education, or love that brought them to Europe, these filmmakers continue to work in their new home. Zakaria Mohamed Ali, Debhora Vega, Mohamed Majdalawi and Vida Mehri show parts of their work and talk about exploring new contexts and platforms.


Vegan-friendly Middle Eastern Meze buffé. 40kr
We accept cash and Swish. RSVP to or send a PM for the dinner.

19.00 FILM SCREENING: THOSE WHO JUMP (80min) Followed by Q&A with director Abou Bakar Sidibe through Skype.

Abou Bakar Sidibé records his daily routine, his surroundings, and the mind-numbing wait for the next attempt at jumping the border fence.