September, 2015, Stockholm: 

Noncitizen and Tempo dokumentary festival presented an evening at Cyklopen with film screenings, dinner and discussions about borders, migration and detention – with a focus on organization and solidarity.

17.45 Presentation of Noncitizen

18.00 Film screening ”Crisis Document. A Survival Guide” (15 min)

18.15  Film Screening: ”Detained” (99 min)

20.00 Vegan dinner and speech by Therese Johansson, Ingen människa är illegal, Annette Rosengren, ethnologist, Tina Vasiliou, lawyer, Sami Hsini, participant in "Detained" and poetry by Felicia Mulinari and Athena Farrokhzad.


//Crisis Document. A Survival Guide//15 min//

Directors: Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Marta Dauliūtė

Producers: Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Marta Dauliūtė/MDEMC, 2015

Recipe for fascism: Half a generation unemployed, doctors forced to choose whom to treat, social security disappearing, the public on discount. We ask our friends in Greece to make a list of their images of the euro crisis. It becomes

a warning list for the North.

//Detained//99 min//

Directors: Anna Persson, Shaon Chakraborty

Producer: Anna Weitz/RåFILM, 2015

Detained is an absorbing observation from within a Swedish immigration detention centre for rejected asylum seekers. The film follows detainees and staff over the course of a summer. A mother separated from her children faces deportation, a young man waits for his life to begin, and staff members struggle with the impersonal bureaucracy required of their job. Trailer:


The evening was organized by Noncitizen, Story, MDEMC, Last Project, RåFILM, Cyklopen and Tempo Dokumentärfestival. The event was part of the project "Film i Staden" supported by PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse.