What happened to the vision of open borders and "workers of the world unite"?

NONCITIZEN discuss class with a point of departure in Marta Dauliute and Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall's Second Class and a work-in-progress of Ahmed Abdullahi's film Francis, about ten west african men planting trees in Sweden. 

18.00 Film: Second Class + Work-in-progress of Francis

19.30 Panel discussion at Ekoteket about class in a global context

The discussion starts with the personal testimonies of undocumented workers in Stockholm. Listen to Karin Krifors, who is active in the asylum movement, and also research and writes about international migrant workers; Peo Hansen who has written the book "Euroafrika. EU's colonial roots" together with Stefan Jonsson; and Charles Woolfson, professor of labour studies. 

After the discussion we open up for the audience to participate in the questions of how we organize workers who have no voice or resources. Were could alliances be found and built? 

Everything is free and no tickets are needed.

With the support by the Swedish Film Institute.


Director: Ahmed Abdullahi

Producers: Eliza Jones and Markus Waltå 

Second Class 

Directors: Marta Dauliute, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall

Producers: Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Marta Dauliute/MDEMC